I went to my first Advance two years ago after returning from California, where I spent every dollar I had to my name, chasing a childhood dream of playing professional baseball. I spent my whole life dreaming of being a professional baseball player and never really thought of leadership or ministry as an avenue of interest.

Before attending The Advance, I had to overcome the excuses of, “I can’t afford it” or “I’m not considered a leader at City Church” and take a step of faith and go. I remember saying to myself, “It was a day off of work and a weekend in the Dells, so why not?” It was at The Advance where God revealed to me there was more to my life than just baseball. I encountered Him in a new and more real way than I ever had before! While there, with God, I was able to deal with a lot of things that I had been avoiding and finally receive the healing that I needed to advance my life forward. It was a challenging and humbling experience handing over what I had avoided giving to Him for so many years!

The Advance kickstarted my life into a deeper relationship with God. The growth and transformation that I’ve experienced in my life since attending The Advance is incredible. God is working and moving in my life in ways like never before. The Advance is a major part of my year now. It’s a jump start into the new year where I can focus on stepping away from the daily grind, listen to God, read His word, and allow him to reveal areas where I can grow even more. I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity to attend The Advance. Without The Advance, I probably wouldn’t have ever become the leader I am today!

To anyone who is on the fence about going to The Advance, I recommend just stepping out and making the sacrifice needed to get there. It was at The Advance where God showed me that if I push through what feels uncertain or uncomfortable, He will meet me with the love and grace to change my character. That’s where I continue to find Him the most; when things are tough or uncomfortable. God is faithful and if you step out in faith, He will meet you where you’re at and blow your mind. Your life will never be the same!