Know Who You Are

There was a man in the Bible named David, and he was a part of a big family. He had seven brothers and was the eighth and youngest of them all. He was probably the smallest physically as well. David's father, Jesse, gave David the responsibility of taking care of the sheep. Because of this role David was usually by himself; overlooked, ignored and not considered special by the people he was with most.

Maybe some of us can relate to David in that way. Whether it is at school or in the neighborhood with friends or at home or with family it can feel like people don't notice us or care what we have to say. We can feel like we're not worthy or loved. I'm sure David felt like that at the time. However, David had a strong relationship with God. Although it didn't look like it when he was out back watching the sheep and being ignored by his brothers and father, he knew that he was going to be someone great because knew who he was: a child of God who could do anything he dreamed of!

David didn't let other people's view of him stop him from being confident in who he was. During youth night a life group leader, Greg, put it like this; remember to forget what they remember. In other words, people may always see you as someone who doesn't deserve love and attention. They may think you're not talented. Whatever the lie may be, we should choose to believe God over our haters. This is what David did and it's what made him successful!

What are some things that the Bible says about who we are? Is it hard to accept who God says we are? Why? What are some ways to drown out the noise of of negativity?

...we are more than conquerers through Him that loves us.

Romans 8:37b NLT

See how very much our Father loves us, for he calls us his children, and that is what we are!..

1 John 3:1a NLT