Week 2: They Worshipped Jesus

One of the most important parts of growing up is finding your “why”. Finding your “why” is about learning why you are here. What is your purpose? What are your dreams? What will you be when you become an adult? Everyone has a “why”, and some people know what theirs is way before others, and that’s okay. Living as a Christian is about purpose, and making sure the things you do and say help you to get closer to finding your “why”.

One of the best parts of the story of the Three Wise Men is also one of the most simple. We read last week that they went through all of those obstacles in order to find Jesus when we was born, traveling for long periods of time and getting lost along the way, but we may have missed why they did what they did. the Bible says that they came all of this way not to just hang out or to give Jesus cool gifts (which they did), they mainly came to worship Jesus. Isn’t that amazing? They knew that the son of God had just been born and they traveled many miles just to worship him.

As young Christians it can be really easy to get caught up in the festivities of Christmas (the gifts, the events, putting up the tree) that we can forget why we celebrate Christmas. It’s a time of worship where we celebrate the coming of our savior, Jesus Christ. 

So, as the day gets closer and closer, let’s take some time to worship Jesus at church, in our prayers and in our actions towards others!

“Where is the newborn king? We saw his star as it rose, and we have come to worship him.”

Matthew 2:2