In Genesis chapter 1, the very first thing we learn about God is that He is an artist and that He is creating art. From the beginning of creation, God has shown himself to be an artist (Psalm 19:1; Ecclesiastes 3:11). 

God is an artist and He creates art. Sometimes we may not be able to see the art as God works on us like a blank canvas, but nevertheless there is divine artistry at work. We were all made in the image of God. God is not just the Creator because He made us, he is also creative, and therefore we are creative. 

We are both a work of art and artists at work.

In Genesis, we see God in all of his artistic genius painting a picture of beauty. Then Adam and Eve came and took the brush and started to paint their own picture, only to find out that they had painted themselves into a corner. What God meant for beauty, they turned into a painful mess. The essence of sin is disobedience. When we go our own way, do our own thing, or paint our own picture, we take the brush away from God. We turn God's masterpiece into a "disasterpiece."

God is a master artist, meaning He was a master at his craft. The passion is what makes an artist a master. In everything you do you have the opportunity to make art. It is the passion and love that is put into the work, and the artist behind the work that is good. A master artist is defined by the mastery of his work (masterpieces). For example, Leonardo Di Vinci painted the "Mona Lisa" and Michelangelo painted "The Sistine Chapel." Each one of us represents one of God's defining works of art.

Our work, relationships, raising children, loving people, giving of yourself generously - these are all chances to make art. You are God's masterpiece. There are 4 things you should know about a masterpiece:

1.) A masterpiece is an original - you are a masterpiece and you are an original. You are wonderfully and beautifully made. There are no others created exactly like you.

2.) A masterpiece is timeless - you had a beginning but in Christ Jesus you are everlasting. You were made in God's image, and made to be eternal. God is the only thing that has existed for all of eternity.

3.) A masterpiece is priceless - your value and your worth will never diminish. When you look at what Jesus endured on the cross, considering the price that he paid, you can see just how priceless you are.

4.) A masterpiece is always on display - because it communicates a lot to those who chose to look deeply at it. 

We can make a mess of our artwork through pride, arrogance, shame, and embarrassment. God, the master artist, can help create something beautiful out of the mess that we've made. You are indeed a work of art, but you're also an artist at work. All you have to do to paint something beautiful is trust God, the master artist. 


God I thank you for the masterful work that you have done in me. I thank you for sending Your Son, Jesus Christ, my redeemer. I am a masterpiece and through your precious gift of grace, I can live a life in a true relationship with you. God I thank you for equipping me with the ability to be an artist at work, and for your guidance over my life every day. In Jesus name, Amen.