Pastor Kent Munsey
November 5, 2017

Isaiah 28:16 (HCSB)
Therefore the Lord God said: “Look, I have laid a stone in Zion, a tested stone, a precious cornerstone, a sure foundation; the one who believes will be unshakable.

Do you sometimes find yourself worrying about if and when God is going to come through? Our impatience and pride will cause us to believe: “God is slow, I need to help him, I need to take charge.”

Hebrews 10:36 tells us “For you have need of patience, that after you have done the will of God, you might receive the promise.”

The secret to serving God faithfully is patience. It’s after the hard work that you need patience the most. As long as the earth remains, there will be seed, time and harvest. It’s in that time between the seed and the harvest that we tend to lose heart and lose confidence in God. While you’re waiting, be mindful of these three ways that God is working:

While We Are Waiting…

  • God is PURGING: God is constantly purging us from things that keep us from being useful to him. What is God trying to rid you of?

  • God is PREPARING: The preparing factors in the Christian life are trials and tribulations He is doing something in us so He can do greater things through us.

  • God is PERFECTING: The Word of God says we are to be perfect just as Christ is perfect. God wants us to get further and further away from the attitudes and systems of this world, so he requires us to trust him, to wait on him, and to depend on him.

This transformational process where God perfects and refines us will only take place if we have the patience to go through the dark seasons and trust in God’s plan. The Lord is trying to transform you and take you from glory to glory. If you can embrace the season with patience, if you will trust him, you will see the goodness of God and the glory of God in your life.

Additional Verses:
Psalm 27:14
Hebrews 10:36

Action Item: Ask yourself how God is preparing and perfecting you in this season. Look for opportunities to set aside your own timing and agenda, and choose to partner with God in the process.