“YOU Could Be What God is Looking For!”  

Message by Pastor Kent Munsey

October 14, 2018

“But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him.” -John 4:23

God is looking for worshippers who will worship Him inwardly and honestly. A religious spirit produces outward performance but the wrong prideful heart. Those closest to the throne can be in danger of assuming that they know all that God can do.   

Satan is the father of pride. But did you know that Lucifer used to be the worship leader in heaven? He was called “son of the morning” and led worship from the throne room of heaven. But he became prideful and thought he could be better than God. When he challenged God, God kicked him out of heaven with a flick of his finger (Isaiah 14 & Ezekiel 28). God already defeated Satan, so Satan doesn't have any real power or authority that we don’t give him.

There is so much more of God's power that we haven’t seen yet.  God has hidden more than he has revealed. If we're not careful, we will become overly familiar with God and think that all we know about God is all there is to know.  We can mistakenly think that everything we have already experienced is all there is of God. If you think you’ve got something already, you don’t seek for it. God has more for us than we understand, so we need to keep seeking him.

The devil hates worshippers because every time a worshipper worships inwardly and honestly Satan is reminded of what opportunity he lost. When we worship God, his light goes through us and it breaks the power of darkness off of situations. God is looking for light-bearers who will worship him.

We are what heaven says we are. Hell hears what heaven is saying about us, and Hell will challenge us in the area of what heaven is saying. Satan will always come to create confusion around what heaven says over us.

We are not what the Devil says we are.  We’re not what guilty feelings say we are.  We are what Heaven says we are! Heaven says we are HOLY.  Heaven says we are RIGHTEOUS. Heaven says we are FORGIVEN. Heaven says that we are BLESSED. Heaven says that we are HEALED.

When God says something about you, He’s decreeing it from a position that “it’s already done!” Isaiah said, “He speaks the end from the beginning.”  

A promise is when your present condition doesn’t measure up to your future position. God said you’re blessed, but your present condition says you’re not.  God says you’re healed, but your present condition says you’re not. God says you’re an overcomer and you’re not bound by it, but your present condition says you’re not.  

Eli the priest in 1 Samuel got busy and tired.  When we get to the end of ourselves, God is able.  I can’t, but he can. We don’t have to live tired and busy, but we can live energized by God.

God wants you to live out in time what He has already decreed in eternity and that will happen when you begin to worship Him.  If God said it you can trust it because it's already happened

God transcends time.When Heaven speaks over you it doesn't matter what anyone else says, you can trust it.

Whatever you worship, you serve. And whatever you serve, you will worship.  If you don’t worship God it’s because you’re not serving God. That means if you serve your job, that’s what you will worship. If you serve your house, or your money, or your position, that’s what you will worship.  

The prophet Isaiah foresaw a day when seven women would go to one man and say to him, “we just want your name”, (Isaiah 4:1). This is a prophetic picture of the Church--because we go to the Father and we say we You to forgive us, but we don’t want your bread or your clothes. In the end times the church will say we want to be Christians but we want to live our own truth. We want the grace of Jesus but we don't want the truth of Jesus. We want all the benefits of Jesus, but we don’t want to live by the Word of God or wear his garment of praise. This is why God is looking for true worshippers.

What does worshipping in spirit and in truth look like?

1. We receive God’s Word as the bread of life.

We believe that the Bible is the Word of God, and we live by it.

2. We seek the Lord no matter what.

Even when things get hard, we seek God and we worship him. We worship him privately and publicly. We worship him in our jobs, in our relationships, in our marriages.

We were created by God for his glory to be light-bearers, so that others can see his light. Let’s be true worshippers who worship God inwardly and honestly.

Reflection/Discussion Questions:

  1. Have you experienced a prideful heart keeping you from worshipping God?

  2. What/who are you serving? What/who are you worshipping?

  3. What do you hear heaven saying about you, and how is the devil challenging it?

  4. What steps can you take to become more like the true worshipper God is looking for?