The Precious Present

The power of living to the max is in recognizing the power of being in the present. Being in the precious present is a spiritual experience-- the mind cannot grasp it. We're not human beings trying to be spiritual; we're spiritual beings trying to be human.

The Fortified Place

There are some things that only God can do in our lives, and we will never walk in those things until we align our will with God's. Salvation is a free gift, but spiritual growth is optional. There are things we have to do in order to see spiritual growth in our lives.

Jesus’ First Miracle

The fruit of the miracle is that his family believes in him and experiences his glory first. Often in our world, our family gets our leftovers, not our best. Jesus is getting the confidence, the buy-in the surrender of his family before he begins his ministry.

Principles of Proper Placement

Before God created a person he created a place. God created the Garden of Eden before he created Adam and Eve, and then he put them there to steward the place. Places that God has put us are places God is entrusting us with to steward. Are you in the proper place that God has designed for you?

High in Surrender

William Booth said, “The greatness of a man’s power is the greatness of his surrender.” Surrender is not a one-time event, but a regular part of a believer’s life. We look to the example of Jesus to see the stages, challenges, and outcomes of a surrendered life.

Here I Am

No call will ever be realized without surrender. We surrender in salvation to God's call for our life. Every time we surrender, God responds with his best. Surrender is an act that allows God to bless us in the manner that he chooses. God is not trying to take something from you; he's trying to get something to you.

The Seventh Man

When we find that we’re lacking the power to overcome, the reason is that we have not drunk from the source. Jesus didn't come for you to live in bondage; Jesus came so that you could be a boss! The devil only has power where we let him. When you live from the place of victory, it changes the way you engage life.

Relational Pain

The one thing that will sabotage your success and keep you from realizing your potential is relational pain. Bitterness because of relational pain will pollute our relationships, making us insecure, defensive, demanding, fearful, and controlling. Relational pain will pollute our relationships with others, and destroy our relationship with God.