Here at City Church we value creativity!

We believe that Jesus was a story teller and that he communicated the good news with creativity. When he told parables he was communicating with the latest communication technology. We believe that the use of visual storytelling is a powerful tool of spreading the word of God.

With today's technology, spreading the "good news" can happen in a matter of moments! We are looking for people with a passion to use their creativity for Jesus and also for those who enjoy the technicals: video editing, podcasts, mobile apps, websites, music, movies, and short films.

Our Creative Communications team exists to help resource + inspire people both inside and outside both inside and outside of 777 N. Green Street. This team is made up of lots of creative individuals who are passionate about sharing the message of Jesus and all that He is doing in a unique and creative way! Our Communications team helps to send out weekly Sunday Recaps (written, audio + video), helps capture, edit and share stories, create promo videos to help connect people to upcoming events, update and develop websites, our mobile app + update & create designs w/ our marketing team.

Our Creative marketing team is led by Amanda McIntire, Owner of Mac Creative Agency. Whether it’s creating a concept and executing the latest campaigns from graphics to distribution or networking with local media outlets and planning promotional budgets, this team serves with STYLE.  this dynamic group connects to all things creative including all-inclusive branding and brand management, graphic design, web design, web updating, writing/blogging, church news production, marketing budgeting, trailer concepting, distribution schedules, street team efforts, and BEYOND!

If you would like to join the team, please email