Ready, Set, Go Teams

Are you looking to lead change in your world by getting involved and serving on team? Have you completed Growth Track? If you said “yes” to those two questions, then you are eligible to join team.

Each and every week people participate in and champion our Ready, Set and Go-Teams and experience first-hand the success, growth, and life change that happens when you begin serving. Find the list of teams below that are actively looking for volunteers.

Ready Teams generally serve mid-week, independent to Sunday Go Teams

Set Teams generally serve mid-week to support Sunday Go Teams

Go Teams make Sundays and Special Services happen

Join a team

We encourage you to read through the following list and contact the leader to join the team, based on your interest or if you specifically have the technical skill-set required. Each team has it’s own set of needs and requirements to officially join the team, but the leader/contact listed can help you get all the information you need to know if it’s the right team for you.

Email the leaders directly for more information today!

Auditorium Host Team

Leader: Andrew Malek (Email Andrew)

Hosts pass out connect cards, envelopes and any other marketing that is needed for that day. They assist in the seating process, crowd control, and offering procedures. Host are able to handle various questions about service and assist with any special needs required by guests.

All Services

CITY kids Uptown (2 Months old - Kindergarten)

Leader: Lisa Brady (Email Lisa)

Lead our little ones in knowing they belong in God’s family through praise and worship, Bible storytelling, and activities. CITY kids Nursery cares for and prays over our infants. Our uptown Team is committed and consistent, creating the most caring environments for our little ones.

All Services, Tuesday team meetings

CITY kids Downtown (Grades 1-5)

Leaders: Chris Jones and Jenna Coker-Jones (Email Chris and Jenna)

Our CITY kids leaders teach God’s Word and how to apply it to our lives through large-group worship and small group activities. We believe that we are setting kids’ expectation for God’s Word, God’s Family, and God’s Heart. Our downtown small group leaders make a life-changing, long-lasting impact in the lives of our kids.

All Services, Tuesday team meetings

CITY YOUTH | Youth Night + Life Groups

Leaders: Steve Roman, Greg DiCocco, and Julie Droessler (Email Julie)

Help create spaces where youth know they belong. Our Life Group Leaders are role models and mentors who impact young lives simply by walking with students, inviting them to “follow me as I follow Christ” (1 Corinthians 11:1.) Youth Nights are services designed for youth and by youth.

Sundays 11:30A Service, Youth Nights, Midweek, Tuesday team meetings

City Church Online | Chat and Prayer Hosts

Leader: Zach and Ashley Fosnaugh (Email Ashley)

This team hosts the chat rooms for the City Church Online campus.  They provide a welcoming atmosphere and pray with people who join us for online services.

Sundays 11:30A + 5P Service, Special Services

Communications + Marketing

Leader: Ashley Fosnaugh (Email Ashley)

Communications consists of: Design, Photography, Social Media, Web Design and general marketing. If you have experience or skill in any of these areas, consider joining the communications team!

Sundays, Mid-week, Thursday team meetings

Connections + Connect Bar Team

Leader: Elaine Ernzen (Email Elaine)

The Connections team guides all guests by helping them get connected to the City Church family through attending our worship services, life groups, Growth Track and serving on one of our Go Teams.

All Services

Events Team

Leader: Andrew Malek (Email Andrew)

The Events Team organizes and executes City Church Chicago events that takes place on Sundays and throughout the week. They work closely with Ministries and Creative teams in executing Special events. 

Mid-week, Weekends, Special Services

Finance Team

Leader: Andy Nwaelele (Email Andy)

The Stewardship and Finance Team has several responsibilities. This team (1) processes the various forms of tithes and offerings on Sundays, (2) manages merchandise sales, (3) reports on various church statistics, and (4) leads budgeting courses for the church. 

All Services, Events

Hospitality Team

Leader: Andrew Malek (Email Andrew)

The hospitality team sets the atmosphere for all of our Sunday spaces, including: Lobby, Growth Track, Volunteer Space, and Green Room. This team influences the weekly selection of treats and coffee, and welcomes guests through smile and kind words.

All Services

Growth Track Team

Leader: Carly Wonder (Email Growth Track)

The Growth Track team meets on Sunday mornings to facilitate our Growth Track events. Positions of service on this team include: greeters, hosts, hospitality, service production (facilitate presentation slides and audio), venue and admin.  

Sundays 1P Service

Life Group Administration

Leader: Ebone Bell (Email Ebone)

Another step we take to connect individuals into the City Church Family is by joining, leading or hosting a Life Group. Life Groups are smaller groups of people who meet throughout the week to build relationships, grow in their relationship with Jesus, and do life together.  As part of the admin team you will assist with setting up groups, contacting leaders and follow-up.

Mid-week, Life Group Expo Sundays

Lobby Experience Team | Door Greeter + Lobby Host

Leader: Rotimi Kehinde

Our Door Greeters offer a welcoming greeting for all our guests entering the building before and after services. Our Lobby Hosts serve in two different capacities: connecting with guests in the lobby and connecting with guests at the connection bar. They provide information about current events in the church and help people get connected to the various areas of involvement.

All Services

Media + Production

Leader: Zach Fosnaugh (Email Zach)

The production team is in charge of our lights, audio, cameras, screen execution for our River West and Online campuses. Media encompasses anything that has to do with tv, video, motion graphics, and innovative storytelling.

All Sunday Services, Special Services, Events, Thursday team meetings

Outdoor Experience Team | Parking + Street Crossing

Leader: Kaitlyn Seykora (Email Kaitllyn)

Our team is responsible for maintaining the signs outside to maximize viability for attendees along Chicago Avenue. We also provide guests help crossing the street to church and assistance coming and going to their cars for services.

All Services

Outreach Team

Leader: Vince Williams (Email Vince)

Community Outreach/Homeless Ministry

This team meets as a weekly Life Group, feeding the homeless monthly and working alongside local strategic ministry partnerships, including Breakthrough Ministries, By the Hand Kids Club, World Relief Chicago, Otis Elementary School, and others.

Mid-week, Weekends, Events, Tuesday team meeting

Security Team

Leader: Andrew Malek (Email Andrew)

The Security Team is responsible for monitoring the performance of safety measures being implemented within the Church. The Security Team is committed to the safety of all those who come through the doors, in particular individuals and families who are attending the service on Sunday, covering all aspects of ministry. 

All Services

Services | Planning + Execution

Leader: Keiko Rima (Email Keiko)

This team is involved in the logistical execution of planning our Sunday Services, Revival Nights, Special Services, and Worship Nights. Under the services team lies the Stage Management team as well. 

All Services, Events, Thursday team meeting

Venue Team

Leader: Alex Miles (Email Alex)

Venue Team ensures that the church building looks and operates with excellence each Sunday. Responsibilities include lobby set-up, cleaning the lobby and maintenance of bathrooms. This is a team that has an eye for keeping City Church looking like HOME. We love to make sure that every person that walks into the building feels comfortable and has a great space to worship and experience community.

All Services, Events, Tuesday team meeting

Worship | Band + Vocals

Leader: Nick Bays and Sarah Wheeler (Email Worship team)

As a band and worship team, we are always looking for skilled individuals with a heart for leading others into the presence of God. If this sounds like something that is on your heart, we would love to set up a skills assessment with you!

All Services, Events, Thursday team meeting

Writing Team

Leader: Katherine Sloan (Email Katherine)

The Writing Team works as an extension of the Ministry team to produce written content that aligns with the vision and mission of City Church. This includes script-writing, message recaps, life group curriculum, and more.

Sundays, Special Services, Mid-week, Tuesday team meeting