Day Eight - Resurrection Sunday

Today is resurrection Sunday, a day Christians celebrate. We sing songs declaring that Jesus rose from the dead, conquered sin, death and the grave, giving us opportunity for new life and eternal salvation in Jesus.

Day Seven - Silent Saturday

Have you ever had to wait longer for something than you expected? It can be one of the most difficult things to do in life …wait. Patience is a virtue, but it is not one that many possess. In all areas of life, the act of patience can be excruciating. You take a test you have been studying for days, and the teacher informs you that the results will be in on Monday.  You studied, prepared, and the excitement of a job well done is prolonged. Confidence is high as you walk out of class, but as the day goes on and the weekend unfolds you find yourself questioning your answers, replaying each moment of the exam in your head. What you once thought was an ‘A’ has now turned into, “I failed, I know it.” You send an email to your instructor asking for updates, hoping to get a response to help ease the stress. But all you get is silence….

Day Six - Steps, Sound, Sight: Good Friday

For us, in our time and culture, the cross can be reduced to a fashion symbol or jewelry charm and we can lose sight of the scandal of Paul’s claim that this death on the cross is the power of God.

Day Five - Tempted Thursday

Imagine knowing you are going to be crucified, and being tempted to ghost. Would we even try to fight that temptation, or would we just run? Jesus had plenty of good excuses to back out with. Sorry! I couldn't make it to the cross because I was busy healing people that day!

Day Four - Where Is He Wednesday?

After a week filled with buzz and tension--a triumphant entry into Jerusalem, glory and honor from crowds of people, teaching, heated debates and turning over tables--suddenly Jesus goes silent. Where was he?

Day Three - Tested Tuesday

As we walk with Jesus into the Tuesday of Holy Week, we discover His clash with the religious leaders of His day.

Day Two - Manic Monday

You could say Jesus had an interesting Monday. First, He and His disciples had seen a fig tree in the distance. They hungrily hurried towards it only to discover that it had no fruit. Imagine their disappointment. Jesus had a lesson in mind and even more significantly, a symbol. He cursed the tree.

Day One - Palm Sunday

How often do we miss the God-moments in our lives? When Jesus shows up, it can be easy not to recognize him. This is exactly what happened to God’s chosen people on Palm Sunday. While some did recognize him as their Messiah, many did not.