city church internship

Do you find yourself wanting more? Or asking the question, what am I called to do?
We encourage you to take a look the City Church Internship and apply today.

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first year

The City Church Internship program is a 10-month journey of discovering your God given talents, abilities and call on your life. This is a part-time program that consists of weekly chapel and practical ministry opportunities. You will receive biblical education from our ministry staff and pastors and spend time in each of our 3 main departments during the Internship. With frequent mentoring and guidance after the first 10-months we will work together to identify your next steps.


The second year is all about leadership development. Through continuing leadership education and team development, second year interns will be focused on one area of ministry and will increase their role on team and in leadership. Our hope is for all second year interns to continue to develop into a leadership roles within the church.



"I felt a call from God to get more involved in ministry and specifically with City Church, it was crazy timing that the internship was introduced shortly after. This last year, I really learned what ministry looks like and how a church functions behind the scenes and outside of a Sunday Service. You gain an entirely new view. I am excited to continue the internship this year after learning everything I learned and to continue growing in my call to ministry." — Keiko, Second Year Intern

"I knew I wanted to be in ministry full-time and I knew City Church was the place I wanted to be. I had already been a part of the church for 3 years and it was a logical step for me for step into interning. Year one helped me to grow a lot in areas I wasn't comfortable in and pushed me to make the things I was good at, better! I got to know some of the most amazing people, and saw aspects of the church I had never been involved in. I'm excited to step into this new season of growth and pushing myself to be better in all aspects of ministry!" — Josh, Second Year Intern