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Missio Dei is latin for the "Mission of God". Here at City Church Chicago we are on mission and full of faith to see the Gospel preached and disciples made. Our hope is that you would join your faith with ours as we believe God to provide everything we need to do all that God has asked us to do. Missio Dei is our annual giving campaign here at City Church Chicago.


T H I N K   H I G H E R
Consider and be aware of what God may be trying to get to you, so that He can bring it back into His House through you. In just a few short weeks we have already seen people receive unexpected tax returns, refunds from utility companies and unexpected opportunities to receive funds that were not previously available. Perhaps you have the ability to sell some belongings or have a bake sale if your income is relatively fixed. If you're a business owner, consider believing for additional contracts over the coming weeks.

P R A Y   B I G G E R
As we think higher, we can also pray bigger prayers and believe that God is able to bless us abundantly. Align your prayers with God's mission in this great city and watch Him do what only He can do!

G I V E   G R E A T E R
We have the opportunity to respond to what God has provided us for putting our faith into action by bringing our best offering, becoming a part of this monumental season as we give greater than we have ever before.

S E R V E   S T R O N G E R
Participate throughout the Missio Dei season with special serving opportunities and join a City Church Chicago GO-Team!




Will contribute to very specific things for very specific reasons. (Tax return giving, sponsoring someone for The Advance, making an annual donation to whatever, etc.)



Contributes a specific percentage of one’s income each year. (Giving ten percent of income to home church, or giving a specific percentage that you grow a little bit each year.)



Giving that you sense God is leading you into, above and beyond normal, sacrificial.  Others may consider this giving extreme. (Gifts from savings, or from the sale of land or investments, or maybe selling some clothes on Poshmark or putting that family heirloom on Ebay.)




Via PushPay mobile app, online, or text “citychurch” to “77977” + select “Missio Dei Offering”


giving station

Located in the lobby, select “Missio Dei Offering” from drop down list of giving options.


w/ an envelope

Please make checks out to “City Church Chicago” w/ “Missio Dei” in the memo, placing it in the giving containers.


mail it in

Mail your gift in to City Church Chicago 777 N. Green St. Chicago, IL 60642



To donate assets to City Church Chicago for Missio Dei, please email Finance@citychurchchicago.com


** Please Select "Missio Dei Offering" Option From the PushPay Drop Down, Thank You! **